7:27 AM Mon Feb 26

7:27 AM Mon Feb 26

wow. oahu thus far has been a dream come true. i feel so happy and at peace because i feel like i’m truly living. my airbnb is insane!! i’m going to link the host she has multiple camp sites for rent at the happiness farm. absolutely smashing name. there are 3 blonde haired blue eyed horses you can brush pet. i call them my blondies. the tents come with super comfy beds, towels, space heaters, ac units, outlets, and wifi. to use the bathroom there were two outside at my site. i honestly loved them ahahah. i adore shitting while seeing the blue sky or moon. it’s super clean and everyone is super friendly and helpful but not invasive which is nice when you’re sharing spaces. we share the kitchen and bathrooms. the showers were so magical you face the open land and you’re at the peak. you can hear the birds and stream below and it’s warm fresh water easy to use. the bnb is a 5 minute drive from food, restaurants, shops, and beaches and my favorite part is that it’s secluded at the same time. ALSO DID I MENTION OCEAN VIEW AND ON THE SIDE THE SUNSETS. i thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to be back.


the food and service on the island is smashing(my new fav word). i went to bazani sushi bar. the vibe in there is immaculate. you can either sit on the floor with cushions with a little table or at a normal table. i chose floor. i ordered a lemon drop roll 10/10 so fresh so good. edamame 3/10 it’s hard to fuck up edamame but unfortunately it just had way too much salt making it inedible towards the end, a shiso mojito 5/10 fair not great nothing great made me a little wonky then got a headache, and a lava cake for desert 7/10 not melted in the middle but still fire. overall super happy still and had a great time 6.3/10.


sweet as is a fruity ice cream shop. you pick a type of fruits or a mix and they blend that with either coconut or vanilla ice cream. i got blueberry, raspberry, and coconut ice cream. heaven on earth. 12/10 rainbows sunshine and butterflies only when i think of sweet as. it’s also the place with the tumbler angel wings from alexis ren lmao. my high school self is on the moon rn. 


coffee gallery is a bakery, souvenir shop and coffee shop. they had a great pastry selection making it hard to chose but i ended up getting a coffee cake muffin and a coconatur coffee. the coffee was made with dark chocolate but still sweet and the muffin was warm and smushy center and hard exterior. muffin 8/10 coffee 8/10. 


next bazani bowls where they say “life is better in the bowl”. cute hahahah. lots of options i like toppings so got a large bazani bowl. i wish i got a small or whatever the next size down was bc for one person it’s a lot and towards the bottom you run out of toppings. it was good but nothing special tbh. peanut butter would’ve made it better. that’s my error though. 6.5/10


last haleiwa joes was a waters edge restaurant definitely a tourist spot but cute and good. everyone was super friendly amazing service so my waiter brandon. this may be just me but i could feel the sexual tension in the air with the servers. idk….. i ordered da burger and a mud pie. da burger was huge and greasy and amazing. it had bacon, pork and a patty. meet sweats for sure lol. and i was a mess eating it but my waiter had my back with the extra napkins. mud pie was huge as well. i needed a togo box to say the lease but i loved my experience and would say the food and service was a 9/10 across the board.


i beached at bazani pipeline and waimea bay both 100s/10. incredible views and surfers at both. easy to find parking as well. bazani is my favorite. it’s also whale season so i’ve been keeping an eye out for their breaching. 

my car is rented from turo i’ll also attach a link for that. i got a 2012 dodge challenger red with a racing stripe. i have been asked to race lol. i like it heavy base in the car and drives smoothly. the host is super easy to work with too he’s a pro that makes it simple. 






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