4:20 PM Wed Feb 28

4:20 PM Wed Feb 28

i’m back in san diego now cozy and in my own bed after my fun adventure/relaxing get away. i planned on island hoping to kawaii after going to my friends boat dive tour but the open sea had a different plan for me. my life goal of becoming a full time shark diver and sailing the world got crushed that day. i spent ong 15 hours dry heaving for my life. thank god my friend was so kind and let me crash while i came back to life and then i flew out of oahu the following day back home. made me extra grateful for my health and land legs. i’m also at the end of the day glad i now know not to make that my life’s mission lmao. 

i ate at nalu health shack multiple times that day. in the morning initially before the 1st tour i got the moana bowl 16oz with peanut butter. best açaí i’ve ever had. not as good coming up… don’t get their matcha it’s awful. if that was my first time having matcha i’d never get it again. after the first tour and before the second in hopes of forming a stomach of steel i got a roast beef sandwich. fire. not good on the way up… :/ i went back to nalu the following day for another moana bowl with peanut butter. amazing. get it. 

before my departure i stopped at my fab nail place on the island to get a quick gel mani and pedi. nothing crazy this time im looking less baddie more clean girl but im enjoying being more capable with my hands. 

today back in sd i got a tattoo i’ve been craving for a while at last days tattoo parlor in ocean beach. it says “the world is your” in a story book font on my palms facing me. I think this is my new favorite tattoo. i love it because it represents my palms being open to receive abundance in this lifetime and also my ability to create the life in my hands. i went to erick and he made me feel super comfortable and in good hands for my vision. easy to work with and i’ll definitely be going back to him. his insta is @tattoo_by_erick

im so thankful to have flower in my possession <3! im smoking on traditionals love censored which is a nice indica strain super relaxing, heavy on the body and good for anxiety relief. ive been using pink cones i got from a t shop to roll with but im dying to try cookues new dutch like rolling papers my roommate had them and they smell SO DAMN YUMMY!!! in ca they banned flavored nic so that!!! THATTTTTT.

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