8:39 AM Sat Feb 24

8:39 AM Sat Feb 24

this past wednesday i went on a psychedelic journey with 2gs of golden teacher magic mushrooms. one of the dopest things about socal is the accessibility to legit anything. about 100 feet from my front door on a palm tree was a poster that said “want to feel better” with images of mushrooms and a scanner to message the cutest girly that got them to me within 12 hours. during my trip i was fascinated with the airplanes and i decided continuing to work for cookies, although a fun job, would be a disservice to myself because i am worth way more than $18/an hour on an hourly rate. i believe that i can make a passive income for myself that allows me to travel and live freely. so, here i am.

use my priceline link to fowls the app for cheap hotels and flights: (https://www.priceline.com/partner/v2/refer-a-friend-tracker?smartlink=https%3A%2F%2Fsmart.link%2Fq2u6lq1azz5ud%3FPAGEID%3DRAF_INBOX_IOS%26REFCLICKID%3DRAF_IOS%26REFID%3DDTRAF%26creative_id%3Dfe35ba81e99500026768f470df54f4d9%26device_id%3Ddevice_id%26site_id%3D38EAA5D0669F4F16A2546EC4E33E4221)

san diego international airport terminal 2 gate 30 about an hour away from boarding my one way to honolulu. no, i’m not staying forever but, i don’t have a exact date i must be back i just know 3ish days. i messaged my friends on the island and im ready to aline with who i dream of being. 


i always sleep with affirmation tracks so that’s what i woke up to this morning around 4:30 and the full moon was shining through my window. something crazy about me and my liquid gold voodoo vagina is we’re synced with the moon. every full moon for the past 5 months i got my period on the full moon. so i’m on day 2 of my period rn. i feel very intuitive and womanly on my period. i don’t like birth control bc i feel like it fucks with my natural cycle and with that clarity. ong it can change your personality. 


i meant to do a meditation when i woke up but i was so excited i forgot lol. i got out of bed and finished packing then washed my face with cara ve foaming wash, applied Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment to my problem areas, peterthomasroth moisturizer, super goop sunscreen, and aquaphor. im wearing my hello kitty fluffy pants, cheetah pink ugg slippers, cookies black camo sweatshirt (ironic considering i’m scheduled rn), and a combo of gold jewelry. my scent rn is goddess by Burberry. i love Burberry, they were actually my first ever designer brand purchase, i got sunglasses and a bikini. i brought them both i’ll wear them and show y’all! 


i took my last 2 bowls of flower for a couple days before i left. im smoking on Traditional rainbow runtz and love censored rn. on my adventure i brought a plug n play with a strawberry champaign pod đŸ˜© i also brought 1 1/2 tabs of micro-dose magic mushrooms. 1 1/2 bc i ate 1/2 before i left my house. had to get my favorite coffee from ob beans (iced dirty chi with almond milk) before my lyft picked me up. perfect lyft. a tesla and a dude who didn’t speak english. 


i wanted to get to my gate early so i could feel relaxed and have wiggle room for error. i once missed my flight to italy and i wont be making the same mistakes twice. 


when air traveling make sure to

- only have toiletries under 100 ml

- check in before you get to the airport 

- wear socks and shoes that are easy to get on and off

- charge your headphones 

- bring a weed pen but take the cart out of the battery and hide them

- no makeup

- eat before you get to the airport 

- 1 hour AT LEAST for domestic flights and AT LEAST 2 for international 



when i get there i have a turn car set up to meet me at the airport. turo is way cheaper than any rental company they also allow drivers 18 and older but they do charge a younger driver fee. my car is a red dodge challenger and i booked an airbnb that’s like a glamp situation. everything’s all ready for me to have to absolute most amaze balls time.

now alls i gotta do is figure out how to tell cookies i quit but with love 💕 

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