1:02 PM  Thu Mar 7

1:02 PM Thu Mar 7

san francisco 


I flew into SF from SD because my long term best friend was there for the week.  i was able to book a last minute flight with priceline and i used the best deal feature to get the best price. honestly i just love traveling and making memories with her. it’s nice to be with someone you don’t have to make small talk with or get to know. she’s been in my life so long she just knows what’s going on but the catch up is always exciting and endless giggles. 

We stayed at The Barnes by Hilton hotel and it was a great location. i kept telling my friend i feel like i’ve been here and the last place i went getting into my uber before i left was a peets coffee that confirmed my suspicions. i’ve only been there twice before. once when i was a kid and i vaguely remember and then the 2nd for the warriors parade and it was the same street hahah. i like the city. i saw two butt holes and everything. charming though all jokes aside. the bay bridge was my favorite part. and china town. that place is a hello kitty girls dream come true. the we walked that whole city in one day i swear. we tried a lot of food in china town. we went to golden gate fortune cookies and i got chocolate covered ones but they had a million and one options even extra large ones you can make. we then got steamed pork buns and spicy pork dumplings. i’m glad i tried them but not my fav. after that we were quenched so we got Boba but the Boba kind of made me more quenched. good though. we both got thai tea and original boba. hear the bay bridge there was a peets coffee truck. i’ve honestly never ordered coffee there before so I was kind of confused but once I figured it out I was very pleased. we walked in and looked at all the houses and then went to the dome if you’re there you’ll see the dome. I don’t know what it’s called but it was beautiful. our mode of transportation was is the cable car or by foot and I used lyft for the airports and dinner. 

after the dome we took the cable car back to the hotel and Enjoyed some sideways time. We got ready for dinner at the elephant sushi bar. I highly recommend that place it was amazing. I got a ya man roll and was blown away. we also shared the matcha cheesecake that sent me to the moon. For drinks I ordered the passion fruit mojito. I love the drinks where you can’t taste the alcohol so this one was amazing.

i’m blessed with a friend who also smokes and she provided stiizy hybrid pre-rolls and a stiizy disposable pen. we topped our nights off with those and hit the hay before 8:30. The city has 1000 bars every 1 mile so I’m sure that there’s nightlife but it seems pretty dead. honestly we were chilling though because it can be scary at night as a woman. our hotel is in a great location, central to everything. i’m very happy with the whole experience and I’m excited to come back to the bay one day. 

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